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Gary & Ev with buggy in Michigan Woods, on trail.
Notice G.I. can and spare tire...
Very important when friends run out of gas
and have a flat tire
Buggy getting a sun and forest tan
Notice empty passenger seat....
Ev hates mud
Welcome to Trail-Rail.  We are a family that trail rides here in Michigan and other places in the country.  We have been into buggying since 1968, starting out on the sand at Silver Lake and the Nordhouse dunes north of Ludington.  Our group lost the Nordhouse dunes area in the early 70's because we were destroying the sand or something.  You know, a government thing.  Silver Lake got too crowded, and we got tired of just riding around on the same several hundred acers, so we started trail riding. 

Our first buggy was just a V W pan buggy.  Chassis, roll bar, seats and etc.  We used it only on the sand.  Our second and third buggies were fiberglass buggies that were street legal.  We used them both on the sand and trails. 

In 1970 we started riding trails and gave up the sand in 1974.

The reason we like riding trails so much is, that you can go all day and never hit the same trail twice.  You could say we like to explore the land and see what is out there.  More on this subject later. 

Our current ride is a buggy that has a Hi-Jumper chassis.  It is called the big family buggy.  It was assembled in 1979.  The buggy has well over 30,000 miles on it, mostly off road trails.  It is street legal, the only way to go if you are into trail riding. Most of the trails here in  Michigan are really "forest roads" and are patrolled by the locals here.  

The main reason that I bought this buggy was that it was built with a bus torque tube which gave me a 4" wider car in the rear so I could fit my 3 children in the back seat.  Plus I could just bolt a bus tranmission in it.  EASY! 

We have two different ways to go on this site.  One is to look back at our early years in the sport and the other is current pictures of trails we ride, both in Michigan and in the west on vacation. 

Also included are pictures of my family.  I have 3 sons that are all into bugging now with their families.  This is a family sport.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Gary and Ev 
e-mail      trail_rail@hotmail.com

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